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I had a diagnostic ultrasound with my doctor. I understand that Blissful Glo’s Peeka-Boo! ultrasound services are for viewing purposes ONLY.  This should not replace routine medical diagnostic ultrasound nor checkups and advice from my prenatal physician/midwife.

No medical diagnosis will be made in any way and I will not hold Daniel Krenek, Blissful Glo Inc. and its employees liable for any information that I might interpret as a medical diagnosis.

I allow Daniel Krenek, Blissful Glo Inc. to use any ultrasound images or video obtained of my baby for promotions and advertisements via social and other form of media. My name will be removed.

However accurate my gender determination may be, Daniel Krenek and Blissful Glo Inc. cannot guarantee with 100% assurance the gender of my baby, nor can I hold Daniel Krenek, Blissful Glo Inc.  and its employees liable in any way for an incorrect gender determination. 

I understand that it is recommended that the gender of my baby is confirmed after 18-20 weeks of my pregnancy.

The best 3d ultrasound images of the baby’s developed face are usually obtained between 28-32 weeks.

We do not guarantee that you will be able to obtain the perfect image of your baby. Some of the reasons why we cannot achieve the perfect 3D image of your baby are: the probe is too far from the face/the placenta is in the way/obstructions are not showing in the 2D image/the sound is absorbed by the amount of body tissue and image quality degrades.

I have NOT had my prenatal glucose (diabetes) test today, or yesterday.

I understand that $60 (plus tax) Mother’s Choice - À la carte style - Ultrasound is 10-20 minute 2D ultrasound viewing session and does NOT include any additional À la carte items listed on the website. I understand that À la carte items like Gender determination or confirmation, Ultrasound images saved & emailed, Ultrasound video session recorded & saved on USB flash drive, 4"x6" size ultrasound image printed, Video recording with your own mobile device and any other À la carte items listed on are extra.

I understand that if I choose any additional À la carte items I agree to pay extra $ amount as listed on

I consent to email communication with Daniel Krenek Blissful Glo Inc.

I, the user of Blissful Glo products am solely responsible for determining fitness for any particular use; requesting and reviewing the applicable Safety Data Sheet; and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

I understand that all prices shown at are CASH prices and applicable taxes apply. There will be 3% finance service fee on all credit card payments.

By booking Peeka-Boo! ultrasound appointment online at I agree to these statements. I have read and fully understand this waiver of liability and disclaimer.

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