See It To Believe It - FREE

Applies to 10-12 week pregnancy only. Weekday appointments.

  • Peeka-Boo! Niagara Falls

Service Description

In this FREE private prenatal ultrasound at Peeka-Boo! Niagara Falls location, you will be able to view your own baby's heartbeat, invite one family member or friend plus much more! - Only at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy on Weekdays - 5-10 minute 2D/3D Non-Medical Ultrasound Session - Watch & Listen to Your Baby's Heartbeat on HD TV - Bring 1 Guest into Viewing Room - Ultrasound Images Emailed with purchase of 200mL Blissful Glo Body Cream MINIMIZE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING STRETCH MARKS!

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  • Peeka-Boo! Niagara Falls

    6150 Valley Way, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

    Call/Text 647.656.4401